Current Services

We are currently serving the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.


If you'd like to consult with us or receive individual or group training on the phone or via telehealth video system regarding referrals, treatment consultation, or other questions, we are happy to speak with you. We are also continuing to see all established clients who are interested in continuing treatment through our HIPAA compliant telehealth video system.

Contact us through our online, HIPAA compliant referral portal: ONLINE SCREENING

Strive for Wellness Clinic Resource Connection

Below are some resources for clients, families, and clinicians regarding treatment in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Clinical Resources: 


  • CBT-I free training, developed with the Center for Deployment Psychology: 10 Modules with therapy vignette videos & CBT-I manual (6.5 CEUs)


Assessment Resources

  • Outcome Measures

Treatment Resources


  • Please like the EIP Facebook page for great resources and share

Resources for the community: